X-Con Spyware Destroyer EH 3.1.8

X-Con Spyware Destroyer EH 3.1.8: The creators of X-Con Spyware Destroyer have invented Freezer Scan Technology. Scan - a scanner that checks your complete system Freezer Scan - the creators of X-Con Spyware Destroyer invented freezer scan technology. Thus, X-Con is the only product on the market with freezer scan ingenuity. The scanner freezes your complete system to prevent malware from operating. X-Con then scans and removes the intruders from your system. Other Features: Boot Time Scan Scan Notify Auto Update New Update Notify Auto Scan Scan Different Drives

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Scan Modes Use SpyDefenses Express Scan and Advanced Scan modes to easily: - Scan system memory, registry files, and file system - Scan for tracking cookies - Scan for and protect against Internet Explorer hijacking programs Use SpyDefenses Customized Scan mode to quickly: - Deep scan drives and folders for extra protection - Select individual drives or files to scan - Customize scan settings to meet your personal anti-spyware needs Real-time Protection

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Network Scanner by LizardSystems 3.1: Network scanner is an IP scanner for network analysis
Network Scanner by LizardSystems 3.1

scan an unlimited number of IP address ranges or computers from a list. It scans computers not only for NetBIOS resources, but also for running FTP and web services. It is possible to check access rights to resources during the scan process. Network scanner works really fast thanks to multi-thread scanning where every computer is scanned independently. You can change the number of computers scanned simultaneously. You can export the scan results

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Trogon MAC Scanner 2.2: Professional tool for scan IP addresses and MAC adresses in local network
Trogon MAC Scanner 2.2

Scanner is a network management software that provides you with the abilty to scan IP addresss and MAC addresses, Host Name, Workgroup and save scan results to the database for future reference and maintaince. By automatically comparing new scan results with the records in database, you can instantly identify changes in your local network and detect illegal connected devices. Trogon MAC Scanner use ARP protocol for scan network and use multithreading

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Scan & Attach for Outlook™ 1.6.1: Scan&Attach starts the scanner and attaches the image to the email in one click
Scan & Attach for Outlook™ 1.6.1

Scan & Attach saves you time whenever you want to scan a document and send it as Outlook™ email attachment. It adds a "Scan & Attach" button to new Outlook™ emails and replies. When that button is clicked the scanner begins the scanning process. The scanned image will then directly be attached to the Outlook™ email as a PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG or BMP file. When required the "Scan & Preview" button opens a full blown image editor. All the options

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X-Con Spyware Destroyer EH 5.0.2: No more waiting for hours for a scan to be complete. Only seconds to minutes!
X-Con Spyware Destroyer EH 5.0.2

Freezer scan to prevent malware execution, or evading scan. Stops and removes malware services, kills malware related processes, scans and removes registry, folder and file malware. Scans for malware dll files, unregisters them and deletes them. Scans for malware executable files and removes them, malware files in use are deleted on next reboot. A boot clean up scan is available.

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BitDefender Security Scan 2011: The Free Tool You Need to Stay Safe!
BitDefender Security Scan 2011

scan – you`ll have the information you need in minutes! CONVENIENT - BitDefender Security Scan is built to supplement your current security setup – there will be no unwanted interactions between it and any security software you may have installed. Features of BitDefender Security Scan: QUICKSCAN - scans your PC for running viruses, spyware and other online threats – usually in less than a minute! REGISTRY TUNING - scans your PC for invalid

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